New lower pricing on Rain of Reflections – starting now!

We’re so thankful for the warm reception of the first Rain of Reflections this far, and so happy to see that critics and Steam buyers alike seem to enjoy the unique adventure-strategy blend we’ve really poured our hearts into!

81 % of the Steam reviews are currently positive, and the game has been called “a winning formula of narrative and gameplay” by The Sixth Axis, who rewarded it with a 9 out of 10.

Media outlets around the world have written things like “excels in the combination of genres”, “entertaining from beginning to end”, and even “a little masterpiece”.

Ever since the release we’ve been actively engaging with you, listening to and reading your feedback, and trying to answer any questions you’ve had.

One major take-away from these discussions has been that the pricing for the different Chapters has not been motivated and communicated clearly enough.

So, starting today, we’re adjusting the pricing to 9.99 euros/dollars across the board – this will be the pricing for each one of the three Chapters individually, moving forward.


For all you early adopters/buyers (to whom we’re so very thankful), we will offer compensation for this sudden change in pricing. You will get to choose from one of these two options:

  1. A second, free Steam key for Chapter 1 (for you to give away).
  2. The price difference (7-9 euros/dollars) in the form of a Steam voucher.

We encourage you to contact us on with your Steam handle (with which you bought the game), specifying which of the two options you’d like us to compensate you with.

Thank You for your continued support and understanding as we continue trying to do our best, and – this goes without saying – keep listening to your feedback!


Last but not least, we want to take the opportunity to make a clarification of the Chapters.

We have three Chapters planned, each a full game release focusing on a different protagonist and their unique perspective and abilities.

The very idea is to have the Chapters stand firmly on their own, not depending on each other, while at the same time eventually connecting them together.

As we’re sure you’re already aware, the first Chapter, “Set Free”, has you playing Wilona with cloaking and hacking tools to her disposal.
Meanwhile the next Chapter, “Open Eye”, will focus on Dwennon in the cyberpunk-esque Cluster, and he in turn will offer new abilities and different gameplay relative to his character.
Then finally comes resistance fighter Imra in Chapter “Undercurrent”, starting off her journey in the Infrared shelter, the Root, bringing even more fresh locations and gameplay into the mix.

Part of the vision is always keeping it intense, fresh and moving forward – never overstaying our welcome.

We have so much exciting stuff left for you to experience, and we will start showing the upcoming Chapters off as we keep progressing.