Is Rain of Reflections a single-player only game?

Yes. Rain of Reflections is a narrative-driven experience with strong character focus, where every choice has consequences on the story going forward.

I want to see more of the actual gameplay!

We’re planning to focus more on the gameplay of Rain of Reflections – ranging from dialogues, exploration, puzzles and confrontations – in upcoming trailers.

When will the game be released?

The game is considered to be done when it has reached its intended quality and potential. We won’t release anything half-baked just to get it out there. However, our release window has now been narrowed down to 2018.

How will it be released?

Since Lionbite Games is a fully independent studio without a publisher, the game will primarily be distributed digitally (on Steam).

So you’re saying it’s PC only?

We have to start somewhere! So yes, PC (Windows), with additional platforms carefully considered for a later release.

What game engine are you running?

Rain of Reflections is being developed in Unity.

I want to know even more!

Then you should let us keep you updated about the game: