When will Rain of Reflections be released?

The game is considered to be done when it has reached its intended quality and potential. We won’t release anything half-baked just to get it out there.

Where will it be released?

Since Lionbite Games is a fully independent studio without a publisher, the game will primarily be distributed digitally.

What about a physical/boxed edition?

Hypothetically, if there is a physical print-run, it will most probably be highly limited…

So you’re saying it’s PC only?

We have to start somewhere! So yes, PC/Windows, with additional platforms considered for a later release.

What game engine are you running?

Rain of Reflections is being developed in Unity 5.

Is it single-player only?

Yes. Rain of Reflections is supposed to involve you deeply, closely and personally, immerse you in its atmosphere, and should be experienced with no distractions.